Jikeleza Newsletter Quarter 2 - May to July 2011

After a very challenging first quarter we can say with confidence that the second quarter has had many highlights and new additions thanks to the Lotto coming through for us end April!!! Shew…….a big shew!!!


Our kids were never spared of the quality service that we deliver to them including have them attend many outside performances to learn and to embrace the Artistic world and to witness the many opportunities that await them!!!


May was a bumper month with one of the many highlights where we started our feeding scheme in IY and Hangberg. We welcome the Mom’s who have willingly come forward to assist to ensure that the kids are fed! Thanks to Funeke, Mavis , Magdelene and Beryl. We do hope that you find lot’s of pleasure and joy with the children!


Our 3 Trainees at CTCB on the Undergraduate program are into their second quarter as well and just flying with many performing opportunities. We saw them in Poetry in Motion and then they went off to Grahamstown to perform Swan Lake and apparently all three shows were booked out with standing ovations and now they learning another new ballet, “Graduation Ball” with a new choreographer Leanne Lurie from Johanesburg and many more to come before their contract comes to an end! We can only hope that they embrace every opportunity there and realise the significance of been part of CTCB!! Attendance and punctuality has not been their favourite past time, we have had our share of trials and tribulations trying to keep them on track.

We also welcomed our Life and Mentor Skills Coach, Heather Adriaanse who has had many sessions with the seniors and the Staff, a much needed function in Jikeleza .



We had so many International folk visiting once again. Judy Westwater, the Patron of Second Chance in Cape Town and the founder of Pegasus Trust in the UK and her friends the Principal and Drama teacher of South Wirral High School and Judy’s Publicist ! They came all the way to see our very talented kids and as usual showered us with gifts for the children!


We then were very fortunate to have Priscilla Macy from Global Sojourns also with her special friend Candra who came out especially to do a workshop with the Staff discussing their Goals and Purpose and the Roles they play in the Project and to connect with the group who went on the camp since they sponsored it!!! This was amazing the connections they made! We are so lucky to have people that care so much and who travel from far and wide to see Jikeleza!!! They reminded us of highlights and milestones achieved during the 9 years of Jikeleza’s existence!

Lot’s was shared and there was laughter and reminiscing!!!


We received mail from Kees and Len Dingler all the way from Holland! Our thoughts and prayers are with them as they face the loss of two loved ones in their lives - both Mothers’ passed on! They send their best wishes to Jikeleza and will visit SA in January 2012!


Harold King came with some visitors who have now moved into Hout Bay; they are from the UK and they were curious to have a peek of what Jikeleza is all about, we managed to WOW them!


Official Visitors:

From time to time we also have Officials visiting just to check that we are doing our job since they support us Financially. The Department of Culture Affairs and Sport was once again blown away by the kids and their raw but real talent!


Farewell: Very sadly bid farewell to one of our children Emily who was reunited with her Dad in the UK. Her friends were able to spend time with her at a lunch and a special outing! We wish her well and do hope that she keeps in touch! Thanks to Trudy for co-ordinating!


All the Happenings for the quarter!!!!!

  • We performed at the Table Bay Hotel with the Tour Operators Launch hosted by Terra Nova, thanks to Uthandosa and James for always thinking of Jikeleza and giving us as much exposure possible!
  • Our juniors were called back for another three sessions at UCT with the third year students!
  • CTCB’s Open Day was a major success with masses of people coming despite the wet weather! We boasted 45 kids with all they could offer. It was a feast for the public!
  • Mindy spent hours through the area capturing the most amazing photography of our children plus the Hout Bay areas! The staff attended the slideshow of their magic!
  • A group of juniors performed at Kronendal Primary a collaboration with Llandudno and Oranjekloof, again Jikeleza received a roaring applause and standing ovation, thanks to Mandisa, Nandipha, Camy and Justin for their input to ensure the success.
  • Our staff went and had a good laugh at the Comedy Festival at the Baxter – hope they enjoyed! A fundraiser for Zip Zap!
  • Some of our seniors had the priviledge of joining Heather for two coffee sessions one at the Baxter very casual and then the Rhodes Restaurant!
  • Hope you have all seen the Advert of Jikeleza that was displayed in the Sentinel Tabloid paper? We are very proud of this, just need to create some awareness out in the area. We will have a follow up on this where we will be featured again but a full story of Jikeleza on all it’s challenges and successes, thanks to Edmund and Renee who spoke to the Journalist with our story!
  • The biggie for this quarter was the CAMP at Okkie Jooste in Stellenbosch. Depsite cold weather the three days was amazing! A large group this time enjoying time out with their peers and the staff! A HUGE thanks to Andy and Jim for managing the Kitchen so well that there was an abundant of food and drinks for everyone!!! TOOOOOO much eating! The food was made with love! Thanks Heather for an amazing Lesson Plan. We believe lot’s was shared and hopefully absorbed! As always there are always those who push the limits and we have to remain united to maintain discipline all round!


Continuous Funding

As always this remains a HUGE challenge to keep the funding bucket FULL!!! Government has pulled the plug on many projects in 2010 /11 and many have closed their doors!  Social Development was meant to roll out our Partnership in May 2011 and still two months later with all the Political change in Mec’s and Mayor’s ect it remains a daunting task to grab the attention of those Political Figures who claim they doing things to empower the POOR and VULNERABLE, Jikeleza by the grace of god has maintained a sense of dignity!!! But we have to keep on reaching out as the project is growing by the hours!!! More and more information is needed to submit successful applications to achieve any hope!



We will be conducting a survey with all our kids once they return from school holidays! We need detail for our applications and would appreciate your cooperation to return the paperwork as soon as possible! Evelyn Masemola whom you all know has been assigned to control this and she may visit many household’s with the help of Pinky and Camy to gather all information!


Dates to Diarise:

  • 16th July – City Hall Performance – Celebsa - Tribute to Madiba!
  • Next Staff Meeting – Renee to advise date
  • 18th July – 25th July – Jikeleza Survey to be conducted
  • David Neville from the UK will be visiting shortly to conduct a workshop with the kids