Jikeleza Newsletter Quarter 1 - January to April 2011




Jikeleza New Look Website Launch: Monday 9th May 2011 : www.jikelezaprojects.co.za



As we all know the beginning of the year came with the same challenges we were battling with since last year. The dreaded “F” word had us all in knots! However through the very generous donation of the NLDTF, we can now all exhale!


A very big thank you to all staff, but most especially the full time staff who have kept the boat afloat in our darkish hour J! Your commitment and dedication has not gone unnoticed. Having carried on with the programme as usual speaks volumes of our stability to the children and surrounding community. They may not know nor understand the financial challenges this project has had to endure, but our job as the adults is to shelter them as much as possible from the harsh reality of it all, and to continue being the haven they need.


Looking ahead to the next quarter, we are desperately trying to secure our own premises. I’m sure I need not make mention of how frustrating it is for us to be sharing our space at the moment. Having said this, school has for years been very gracious toward Jikeleza, and this is just natures way of giving us a nudge, and saying, “STOP BEING SO COMPLACEMENT, GET YOUR OWN PLACE”. From an administrative point of view, it’s quite a nightmare as it’s just so much bureaucracy … i.e. the premises belong to provincial government, no it belongs to national government, no it’s municipal etc etc. Enough already, we don’t care who it belongs to we just want it! Now, we’ve once again approached from another angle and have enlisted the help of Chief WhipJ David Mcnamara from Social Development to aid us in obtaining the old Police Building. At this point, we’re awaiting an outcome. However, please do put your feelers out, find out who, where and how! Perhaps if we tackled this as a group we’ll have a speedier outcome. Please do send an sms or email, if you know of any other possible avenues, which haven’t yet been tried.


Having said this and even though it may be a challenge, our current teaching venues are still impressive, that being; Oranjekloof, Ikhaya Lethemba, Community Centre, Shelters x 2, Hout Bay High and the main studio. The project we run is very, very unique and if you were to ask around, you’d find that there is no other like Jikeleza… what YOU do is phenomenal! Slacking at any point is not an option, we need to continue growing this project, remember by recruiting and retaining these numbers we are changing lives! That is after all the objective of the Project. This is a Community Outreach Programme, and it is so important that we not loose focus of that fact. We are here for the sole purpose of these children, that it the basis, and the very reason this project was founded. It’s easy for the passion to dwindle, and at times, perhaps we have to be reminded of that fact. We need to be innovative, proactive and at all times take the initiative. Constantly find ways to excite and attract children. Rather have them with us than outside, where it’s getting worse and worse. Drugs are ravaging our communities and are on a steady rise in Hout Bay. Come on guys & gals, let’s try, as hard as it may seem, to keep the children away from that element. Get involved, knock on doors, and find out where they are. Sometimes we do this, sometimes we don’t, and we need to make it a priority going forward to do house calls, show the parents that you care, because you do.


Please remember that when we apply for funding we apply for a certain amount of kids, and this is the amount that we need to report on. Now, if our numbers dwindling it means we’re doing something wrong. We have to up and keep the numbers people!


The administrative task of obtaining funds etc etc has also grown as the project has grown. Funding applications are becoming more intricate and detailed and many projects have had to close their doors because of lack of funding. One such project was on the verge of closure, namely Jazzart!! Things are becoming very tough and very competitive all projects doing good, yet one needs to be at the top of your game in order to secure. The funding made possible from the NLDTF has been a God sent, however this does not mean that we can go haywire as all funds have to be used for what it was asked for, so every penny has to be accounted for.


In closing we have to get geared for the very exciting Jikeleza Concert on Saturday 8 October 2011 at Bergvliet High!!! Please guys we have to do preparations well in advance this time round. First things first a Name and theme!? New and dynamic and polished pieces please. Please tell kids to tell their parents and community members. We will arrange for buses for the matinee performance only and a small fee will have to be paid. The date of our concert does not coincide with any exams etc, so we should have no problem there. Please let us check check and check again all costumes. Props, shoes, make-up etc. No last minute requests will be entertained. Deadline for requests is Monday 15 August 2011.


Dates to remember:


6 May 2011


Terra Nova to view piece for benefit concert

6 May 2011


Marilyn bringing Easter packs for kids

13 May 2011


Judy Westwater (Marilyn & Edmund)

14 May 2011


Judy Westwater to visit project

17 May 2011


Benefit Concert – Uthando

19 May 2011


Cultural Affairs & Sport Portfolio Head to visit IY & Harbour

29-31 May 2011


All day - Staff workshop, and visit with kids – Global Sojourns

will send detailed itinerary

29-31 June 2011


Jikeleza Camp Yipppeeeeee!!! Okkie Jooste – Stellenbosch

(Nandipha and Justin – Please email names of participants a.s.a.p)



Thought for the quarter:  “A teacher explains, but A great Teacher Inspires”